Not just your face, the skin on the rest of your body needs some TLC too. While we tend to follow elaborate skincare routines when it comes to pampering our facial skin, we end up ignoring the skin on the rest of our body.

Neck wrinkle, dry elbows and cracked feet can majorly bring your beauty game down. Now, you don’t want that, do you? We thought so. If you’re wondering where to begin, we’ve got you covered. Scroll below for a list of 5 body parts that need some pampering ASAP!


01. Neck

01.	Neck

Wrinkles, saggy skin and darkness are some of the many problems you’ll have to deal with if you don’t treat the skin on your neck with the right products. Simply extend the application of your moisturiser and night cream to your neck to keep the skin supple and moisturised.


02. Hands

02.	Hands

Not caring for your hands can make them age faster. Your hands are the first to show signs of ageing. Plus, who loves dry and wrinkly hands, anyway? To avoid that, keep your hands moisturised by using a hand cream. We recommend you try the Dove Coconut Hand Cream, it keeps your hands nourished and looking youthful.


03. Feet

03.	Feet

Is there anything else more embarrassing and frustrating than cracked heels and dry feet? We don’t think so. Save yourself the embarrassment and pamper your feet by providing them with ample hydration. Apply a foot cream regularly and treat your feet with lavender oil before hitting the sheets to moisturise them overnight.


04. Elbows

04.	Elbows

Dark, rough and dry elbows are common skin woes. Thus, it is very important to take care of the skin on your elbows. While applying your body lotion, make sure you slather a generous amount of the lotion on your elbows to keep them moisturised and healthy.


05. Back

05.	Back

The skin on your back is equally prone to acne as the skin on your face. Dandruff, sweat and hair products clog pores on the back and as a result, cause back acne. To avoid this, wash your back thoroughly to get rid of hair product residue and pamper yourself with monthly body spa sessions to keep the skin on your back smooth, soft and free of acne.