Having combination skin can leave one confused as to how to take care of this unique skin type. So firstly, let’s clear all the confusion. With combination skin, the texture of the skin may be of two types. Your T-zone could be extremely oily while the rest of your face could be dry. While taking care of such skin can be challenging, we’re set to make your life easier by introducing you to ways to take care for your combination skin.
How to care for combination skin

Step 1:
Treat different areas of the face, differently

Combination skin requires you to treat different parts of your skin differently. First, determine which part of your face is oily and which part is dry. Moisturise dry areas of your face and use oil absorbing methods to reduce excess oil in oily areas of your face.

Step 2:
Use a gentle cleanser for oily T-zone

A gentle cleanser for oily your T zone will clear pores and reduce oiliness which, prevents your skin from acne and blackheads. Our vote goes to the Lakmé Clear Pores Clean Up Face Wash. This face wash cleanses dirt and controls excess oil build-up to give you a clear and matte complexion.

Step 3:
Treat the dry areas of your face with moisturiser

Nourish the dry areas of your face with a light moisturiser to leave your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You will find the Lakmé Peach milk moisturiser in our handbags all year round. Its Nutritiv Moisture Technology makes sure the peach infused lotion goes into each derma layer of the skin will revive your skin. It is light and water based and hence does not irritate the skin.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy and right is the answer to every skin problem. A diet rich with nutrients will help you get rid off all your skin problems and will leave you with a natural glow. Nourishment for the skin starts from within and hence a healthy diet is your skin’s best friend.