How To Care For Oily Skin

Written by Chandni GhoshMar 23, 2017
If you suffer from oily skin, we know the pains you go through to care for it. The excess sebum your skin produces takes the form of unsightly acne, blackheads and you constantly have to deal with the oil on your face. But this doesn’t mean you can’t control the problem. If you’ve been scouting for solutions and tips for oily skin, we are here to help…
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Carry blotting sheets at all times

Oily skin is unpredictable and hence, oily skin care can be quite tricky (and rather demanding). Start by carrying blotting sheets with you at all times. These will soak in all the oil leaving little chance for acne and other skin woes to crop up.

Use lukewarm water for cleansing

You might assume that cold water feels absolutely heavenly on irritated skin but it’s far from beneficial for oily skin. Lukewarm water dissolves oil much faster than cold water. Moreover, since oily skin also brings with it clogged pores and acne, lukewarm water ensures that all the dirt and bacteria are washed away effectively thereby lending you clean and soft skin.

Promise to cleanse

Apart from clogged pores, oily skin can also suffer further due to pollution and sun damage. Hence, you need something that deeply cleanses your skin and frees it of impurities. We’ve been using the POND'S Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam that has the power to remove deep seated impurities and grime from the skin. It also removes leftover makeup and sebum, making your skin feel thoroughly cleansed.

While cleansing is of utmost importance to oily skin, make sure you don’t over wash your face because when you strip your face off its oils, it automatically produces more oil. So restrict yourself to washing your face twice a day.

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