What’s the one common skin care habit that unites long days, early mornings and mid-afternoons? It is washing your face! With the normal wear and tear of the day, pollution and climatic conditions, dust and grime accumulates on our face unknowingly. That’s why, even if we don’t give much precedence to face washing, it is important to note that it is the very foundation of a clear, tidy face. To make sure you do it right, we’re showing you how to clean your face the right way…
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Step 1:

Start by adjusting your water to the right temperature. Water that is too hot or too cold is not ideal for washing your face so allow it to set to a lukewarm temperature. This won’t cause a sudden temperature change for your skin.

Step 2:

Enlist the right facial cleanser for yourself. We recommend the Lakmé Blush and Glow Peach Face Wash. Containing fruit extracts and antioxidants, this face wash will leave your skin cleansed while giving it a fruity splash! On gently massaging the formula into your skin, the beads burst to leave your skin feeling healthy while adding a tint of colour.

Step 3:

Once your face has been cleansed, dab it clean with the right surface. A soft cotton face towel is ideal for this step since it is soft and non-abrasive. Dry your face using a gentle patting motion.

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