While some skin troubles like acne hit you in the face, there are others such as open pores that could go unnoticed. Even though many women face this issue, very few actively try to solve it, which is strange because when facial pores are left open, they are prone to infection, clogging and acne. Here is a quick homemade guide that will help you close open pores on the face…
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Clear them out

If you are wondering about how to close open pores on the face, look no further. Step 1 is to clear them of any accumulated grime by exfoliating. Our pick for the job is the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. This one’s become our go-to exfoliator ever since we first tried it because of its hypo-allergenic formula and its ability to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin. This will help get rid of the pore-maximising residue that settles inside your skin so that the pores can be closed effectively.

Add in a toner

Toner is a crucial step to a makeup and beauty routine and is even more important for everyone dealing with open pores. For this, include the Lakmé Absolute Pore Fix Toner into your regime. The alcohol free toner works hard to remove impurities from deep within the pore bed to leave you with clean, taut skin.

Cool down

A simple trick to closing your pores lies right in your refrigerator. Place a few ice cubes into a cotton handkerchief and gently rub it along your face for 5 minutes. The cold temperature of the ice cubes works to constrict the blood vessels over your face, a relatively cheap and effective trick to close open pores.

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