Beauty 101: How To Exfoliate The Right Way

Written by Kaajal SinghSep 16, 2023
Beauty 101: How to exfoliate the right way

Exfoliation is the key to maintaining a healthy and clear skin. It helps you get rid of all the dirt in and on your skin and boosts your blood circulation at the same time.

While most of us know the drill already, there are still times when we tend to overdo it and damage our skin.

Here’s how you can properly exfoliate your skin from head to toe so as to get clear and smooth skin with the help of this quick 101.


Step 1: Pick The Right Product

Choosing the right scrub is extremely essential. An exfoliator is just as important as your moisturizer, perhaps even more. Never compromise on the quality of your exfoliator. Try to opt for a product which is free from any parabens or sulphates.

Step 2: Apply To Dry Skin

Most of us have this misconception that the scrub is to be applied over moist skin. Well, the truth is that the scrub works much better when applied on clean and dry skin as opposed to over relatively moister skin. Hence, it is recommended that you always apply your exfoliating scrub over clean and dry skin.

Step 3: Massage In Circular Motions

Wet your fingers and massage your face gently. Move your fingers in a circular motion, applying very little pressure. Make sure that you scrub the area around your nose and your forehead well, as those regions tend to have the maximum amount of dirt.

Step 4: Rinse With Cold Water

Once you’re done massaging nicely, rinse your face with cold water and get rid of all the granules over it. Next, pat dry your face with a cotton towel. Voila, you now have fresh-looking, clear and soft skin!

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