Let's admit it! We'd all like to change a certain aspect of our face if we could. For many people, that happens to be the colour of their skin. The sun, pollution and stress can often cause the skin to get a few shades darker. So, if you want that fair skin back, here are a few fairness tips and simple home remedies to get fair skin the easy way...
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Give your skin a helping hand

When it comes to getting fair skin instantly, trust your skin with the very best. Give it a helping hand by adding the Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi Vitamin Cream into your routine (in the morning and evening). Its clinically tested formula will reduce any imperfections within your skin to leave it looking brighter, fairer and more radiant.

Protect your skin

When it comes to keeping your skin fair and radiant, you need to protect it from UVA and UVB rays that can do tremendous harm. Take precautions to cover yourself using a scarf or investing in a good sunscreen or even shielding yourself with an umbrella. Making sun protection a habit on a daily basis will help make your skin fairer.

Eat right

If you’re still wondering about how you can get fair skin, make a few changes to your diet. Include large amounts of Vitamin C in your meals (found in citrus-rich foods) to aid the skin lightening process. Drink lemon infused water once a day since it has natural brightening agents that can purify your skin from the inside. In addition, you can even have some dark chocolate post your meals; it is rich in antioxidants which could help in lightening the shade of your skin.