How To Get Glowing Skin Like Shraddha Kapoor

Written by Dayle PereiraFeb 22, 2019
How to get glowing skin like Shraddha Kapoor

With a new face being launched in the film industry every second day, it takes mettle to stand apart from the herd. And Shraddha Kapoor has that! Not only has she gone on to deliver hit after hit, she is also gorgeous beyond compare. Her radiant peaches and cream complexion brings this superstar to the top of our beauty inspiration list. If you’re asking yourself how to get glowing skin like the stunner, we’re spilling the beans on how to emulate Shraddha with tips for getting her glowing skin.


Glow from the core

Feel good to look good

The simplest way to get glowing skin is by going down to the basics. One of the best ways is following the cleansing routine to the tee. A face wash helps eliminate accumulated dirt and grime from your skin and is therefore, one of the most necessary steps of the cleansing-toning-moisturising routine. For that we recommend the Lakmé Blush and Glow range of face washes. Made with antioxidant beads and fruit extracts, this refreshing formula will revitalise your skin and lend it a tinge of colour. Make sure this becomes a part of your skincare regimen. Glowing skin, here we come!


Eat up!

Feel good to look good

The health of your skin is reflective of your diet. Acne and blackheads are a clear way of telling you to pay attention to your food and stay away from greasy and spicy foods. This is why you need to go that extra mile and add nutritious foods to your diet. Certain foods contain skin-enriching ingredients like antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E in plenty. So double up on blueberries, salmon, sweet potatoes and avocados the next time you go grocery shopping. Also make sure to add wholesome, unprocessed foods and drink lots of water. Your face mirrors what you ingest so to get glowing skin at home, make sure you eat right!


Exercise regularly

Feel good to look good

You know why they always tell you that the route to glowing skin is working out? Well, exercise increases blood circulation, which nourishes your skin cells. Plus, exercise helps release hormones that make you feel energetic and happy. This is why you must chalk out a plan where your schedule involves exercising for an hour daily. Not only will this keep you fit but it will also make your skin glow.


Feel good to look good

Feel good to look good

You know how they say; when you look good, you feel good? Well, they are right because your face is a reflection of the inner workings of your mind. Take stress and pressures in your stride and make sure you have a pleasant, warm attitude. Spend a few free moments exercising your face, which will loosen up the facial muscles and increase your blood circulation (perfectly natural tips for glowing skin!) Most importantly, like Shraddha’s mother always tells her, make sure you smile. It’s a simple trick that will make you feel happier, which in turn, will leave your skin brighter!

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