How To Get Rid Of An Uneven Skin Tone

Written by Team BBOct 04, 2018
While the West loves to bask in the sun’s glory and get a healthy tan, we Indians have no such luck. With the sun shining down on us for most of the year, even in the monsoon, perpetually tanned skin and an uneven skin tone can become common concerns. If, like us, you have been a victim to this, here are a few easy ways to get rid of an uneven skin tone…

Never skip the sunscreen

Eat for the skin you want

We completely understand how getting ready for work every morning can be a fight against the clock. But the one skincare essential you mustn’t miss out on is sunscreen.

While it might seem like a waste of time when there’s cloud cover in the rainy season, you couldn’t be more wrong. For a country like ours, we need a broad spectrum sunscreen such as the Lakmé Sun Expert SPF 24 PA ++ Fairness UV Lotion throughout the 12 months. Loaded with lemon grass extracts, cucumber and vitamin B3, this antioxidant-rich lotion helps battle not just pigmentation but also dark spots as well as any other sun damage. For best results, apply it 20 minutes before you leave the house and if possible, try to steer clear of the sun between 10 am and 4 pm when the sun’s rays are the strongest.


Invest in hats, scarves and sunglasses

Eat for the skin you want

In addition to sunscreen, you can save yourself from an uneven skin tone by using additional protection in the form of hats, scarves and of course, sunglasses. In addition to being en vogue, these will also defend the target areas where the effects of pigmentation are truly visible, namely, the under eye, forehead and even sides of the face.


Make amends

Eat for the skin you want

If you happen to suffer from an uneven skin tone on your body, don’t worry. We understand how it can seem impossible to wear full sleeved tees or jackets when you’re out and about in the summer. Deal with this by giving your skin a healthy dose of the Vaseline Healthy White Lotion SPF Triple Lightening Body Lotion that can guarantee your skin UVA and UVB protection. Also enriched with micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and vitamin B3, it’ll help your skin look fairer.


Eat for the skin you want

Eat for the skin you want

Your skin is a reflection of your diet, therefore, make it a point to consume meals that are rich in green veggies and hydrate your skin with three litres of water a day. If you’re prone to snacking, make wise choices—choose a fruit over wafers or chips, dry fruits over a read-to-eat soup or noodles. The bottom line is, while your food intake can’t reverse skin pigmentation and your skin tone, it can help control the damage by aiding the growth of new skin cells.

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