How to groom your brows at home in 3 simple steps

Written by Tashika TyagiJun 25, 2021

Someone once said, “Your brows introduce you before you speak.” And given that the times that we’re living in, we completely agree. As the masks cover most of our face, it has become even more important to make sure that our brows are always on fleek since that’s one of the features someone will notice about you. Also, face mask or not, who wants to be sporting unruly, bushy brows on those Zoom meetings or virtual dates? We thought as much.

But we understand if you’re in two minds about visiting a salon to get your brows groomed. That’s why we’re going to show you how to groom your brows at home in three easy steps. Cool, right? Scroll down to learn the tricks.

Step 01: Map your eyebrows


First and foremost, make sure your brows have grown out considerably. Tweezing or waxing your eyebrows excessively will make them appear super thin and unappealing, and that’s something you don’t want! Now, the first thing to do is find your shape and map your eyebrows. Mapping basically means knowing and identifying the key, essential areas of your brows — the head, arch and tip. Follow the steps mentioned below to correctly map your brows:

  • Hold a pencil vertically against your nose so that the tip is right where your brows begin.
  • Rotate the pencil in the direction of your brow and stop once you reach the outer edge of your iris, this is where your arch should start.
  • Mark this spot and keep moving further.
  • Keep moving until you reach the outer corner of your eye. Stop and mark this point — this is the end of the tail of your brows.
  • Repeat for the other eyebrow as well and connect the three points with straight lines.

This process will help you find the natural shape of your brows, making it easier for you to groom them.


Step 2: Use the right tools

You need the right weapons to win any battle; you need the right tools in this case. A brow pencil, a slanted stainless steel tweezers, a spoolie brush, and a pair of small, sharp brow scissors are something you should have at your disposal when you decide to groom your brows at home. Avoid using a magnifying mirror as it may lead you to over pluck your brows.

Step 3: Tweeze and trim your eyebrows

Instead of going for a handheld mirror, go for the surface resting ones — this way, you can use both your hands. Start by brushing your brow hair upwards with a spoolie. After that, use one hand to hold your skin taut and gently pluck the stray hair (in the direction of growth) using your other hand. You can use a small scissor to trim any long hair.

You will experience redness and irritation after tweezing, so keep ice cubes and your moisturiser ready. Rub the ice on your brows to soothe the redness away, and then moisturise your brows to soothe the irritation.