Like to see your skin clean and free of pesky peach fuzz? Well, heading out to a salon to get it waxed or threaded isn’t the only way to clean up facial hair! You can very well get rid of unwanted facial hair at home. Yep, you read that right. Follow these simple to safely shave your face, groom your brows and level out the sideburns.


01. Pick the right tools

How to Groom Facial Hair at Home?

It’s important to pick the right tools when getting rid of facial hair. If you are looking to clean up your peach fuzz cheeks and sideburns, an electric face shaver can help. Sleek facial razors are also available to clean up your brows, upper lips and chin area. Avoid shaving your face with regular razors and shaving cream, as the dull blades can pull on the hair and cause irritation. Dry facial hair removal will give you good enough results at home.


02. Prep the skin

How to Groom Facial Hair at Home?

It is essential to clean your skin properly before grooming facial hair. This is because facial hair removal opens up your pores, which exposes them to dirt and impurities. Stick to gentle, fragrance-free moisturising face washes without active ingredients to properly cleanse your skin without overstimulating it. If you haven’t been exfoliating your face regularly, you can gently scrub the area you plan to shave to avoid ingrown hair.

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03. Hydrate the skin

How to Groom Facial Hair at Home?

Once you’re done cleansing and exfoliating, you need to hydrate your skin. Splash some lukewarm water on or hold a warm towel to your face for three to four minutes to soften the hair follicles, allowing the hair to be cut easily.


04. Follow a basic skincare routine post-shaving

How to Groom Facial Hair at Home?

A facial grooming session is nothing less than exfoliating itself, which means your post-shave skincare routine needs to be tailored according to that. Keep it minimal by using a hydrating toner, a soothing moisturiser and a gel-based light sunscreen. Look for anti-inflammatory ingredients like Centella Asiatica, aloe, allantoin, bisabolol and licorice root extracts. Refrain from using serums and creams that consist of salicylic acid, retinol, alcohol, etc., as these can sensitise the skin and irritate it.

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05. Take extra care of your skin post-shaving

How to Groom Facial Hair at Home?

Your skin is a bit tender after shaving, so make sure you are gentle to it for a while. Avoid using makeup for a couple of days, do not use exfoliating acids on your face, and always wear sunscreen to prevent hyperpigmentation.