These 5 Pro Tips Are What You Need To Get Rid Of Stubborn Dark Circles

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
These 5 pro tips are what you need to get rid of stubborn dark circles

Dark circles can develop due to many reasons – insufficient sleep, a long and tiring flight or a stressful week. Whatever the reason, the dullness under your eye area can reflect on the entire face, making it look tired and exhausted. Here are some pro tips to help you get rid of dark circles.


Wear sunscreen

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Did you know? Exposure to sun can darken the skin pigments around your eye area, making dark circles worse. It’s best to pat on sunscreen gently under your eyes each time you step out. Sun damage can cause fine lines and wrinkles that are signs of premature ageing. We love the Lakmé  Sun Expert Ultra Matte SPF 50 PA+++ Gel Sunscreen.


Tea bags or wet spoon – the best home remedy

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Take a used tea-bag and freeze it for 30 minutes and then place it over your eyes for 15 minutes. Or place chilled (put 2 spoons in the fridge until they are nice and cold) metal spoons on your eyes to remove dark circles. The cold temperature helps tighten the capillaries and therefore reduce puffy skin.


Use eye makeup remover

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A regular makeup remover is not enough to remove waterproof eye makeup, especially when the makeup is heavier and the products are more pigmented. So use a remover that is suitable for water-proof makeup. You could even massage an oil to loosen the makeup and then wipe it clean with a makeup remover.


Essential oils

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There are several oils that help in reducing dark circles. You can mix an essential oil with coconut oil and massage the mixture under your eyes for about 15 minutes. Let it stay for a few minutes before rinsing it off. This will help in brightening the sensitive area under your eyes.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Ensure that the food you’re consuming is rich in vitamin C as it helps your body produce collagen. Collagen, in turn, keeps your skin hydrated, healthy and dark circle-free.  

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