Dark lips can easily be a cause of embarrassment. After all, nobody wishes to lose the natural pink colour on their lips, right? But the real reason behind your lips turning dark might be a lack of hydration or even certain lifestyle habits. Here’s how to lighten dark lips

Moisturise your lips

The reason your lips are taking on a darker tone is because they aren’t moisturised enough. Your lips could be dehydrated due to smoking, sun exposure or even because you miss out on your daily intake of water. So what you really need to do is moisturise them to look plump and hydrated. Our pick for the job is the Lakmé Lip Love which comes with a dual core—the inner core has a creamy texture that moisturises your lips while the outer core lends them a pop of colour.

Reduce your intake of coffee

Many of us are addicted to our daily dose of coffee little realising the damage it can do to our lips. The problem here is that caffeine is diuretic, something that promotes the production of urine. This means that in the case where you aren’t consuming enough water, you will be dehydrated even further. This could, in the long run, could be one of the factors leading to your lips turning dark.

Limit sun exposure

Chronic sun exposure and UV rays can easily cause your lips to darken by increasing the melanin pigment in your lips. Therefore, if you’re looking to lighten dark lips faster, it is advisable to limit your time in the sun.