Did you know that collagen, elastin and the skin barrier are responsible for keeping your skin looking youthful and healthy? While collagen and elastin are naturally present in your skin, with time they start to deplete, this is why you start noticing fine lines, wrinkles as well as blemishes and uneven skin tone.

While you can’t stop ageing, you can definitely care for your skin better to make its barrier stronger. After all, it’s what protects your skin from pollution, UV rays and what not. If you are looking for ways to make your skin stronger and resilient, then here are some tips you will find useful.

how to make skin strong

Keep your skincare routine simple

In order to ensure you are tackling every skin concern you have or may have in future, you might land up with a complicated skincare routine. Instead of applying layers of products one after the other and leaving no time for your skin to breathe, simply go back to the basics. Use an efficient cleanser, followed by an alcohol-free toner and a lightweight moisturiser.

how to make skin strong

Protect against free radicals and UV rays

Free radicals and UV rays damage your skin in more than one way. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to protect the skin’s barrier, it is important to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen everyday with a minimum SPF value of 30. Apply the Pond’s Sun Protect Non-Oily Sunscreen SPF 50 over an antioxidant-rich product each morning before stepping out of the house.

how to make skin strong

Go easy on physical exfoliation

As skin cell renewal slows down with age, it is important to exfoliate the skin to get rid of dead skin cells, increase blood circulation and revive dull skin. However, using harsh physical exfoliators can actually damage your skin’s barrier and make it prone to damage. Choose a product with small, gentle grains or exfoliate using a washcloth.

how to make skin strong

Use products with the right ingredients

Use less products but make sure they are effective and contain the right ingredients to make your skin more resilient. Some of the ingredients to look out for are linoleic acid, retinoids, omega fatty acids and niacinamide. The Dermalogica Barrier Repair contains safflower oil, which is rich in linoleic acid and helps repair and maintain a healthy skin barrier.

how to make skin strong

Don’t stress

Adopting and following a healthy skincare routine is important, but so is staying healthy - mind and body. What you eat and how stressed you are will ultimately show on your skin. Therefore, it is super important to get enough sleep, stay hydrated, meditate and indulge in activities that decrease your stress levels.