4 ways to avoid dry and itchy hands while doing household chores

Written by Urvi DalalJul 17, 2020

Ever since we’ve been in lockdown, we’d had to do pretty much every household chore by ourselves. To risk spreading or contracting the virus, most of us have had to send our house help on indefinite leave, leaving us with no choice but to do everything from cooking, cleaning, dusting, watering the plants, etc. all by ourselves. Apart from doing a gazillion household chores, we’re also washing and sanitizing our hands a lot more. The result? Dry and parched hands… sigh!

Here are four ways to prevent your hands from turning dry, flaky and itchy while doing household chores.

01. Wear thick gloves

The first thing you need to do to keep your hands from turning dry and itchy is to get yourself a pair of thick dishwashing gloves. The detergents from the dishwashing soap, coupled with the constant exposure to water can strip your skin of moisture and leave them feeling super dry. Gloves will prevent your hands from coming in direct contact with these elements and keep them baby soft.

02. Avoid using hot water

Another great way to keep your hands from turning dry and itchy is to use room temperature or tepid water to wash your dishes. Hot water is extremely stripping and makes your hands feel super dry and can even lead to flaking.

03. Use a hand cream

Ideally, you should use hand cream post every hand wash. But let’s be honest, we’ll hardly ever remember to do so every time (alas, we’re only human). So, stick to moisturising your hand using a nourishing hand cream like the Dove DermaSpa Cashmere Comfort Hand Cream a few times a day. Formulated with oil essence and cell moisturisers, it absorbs fast and penetrates deep down to help repair very dry and rough hands.

04. Dry your hands thoroughly

Soap and water trapped between the webs of your fingers and under your rings causes severe dryness and can even lead to dermatitis. Therefore, every time you wash your hands or do the dishes, ensure that you thoroughly dry your hands off to prevent and limit this issue.