The nationwide lockdown surrounding the global pandemic has made us reconsider our consumption habits. Call it good planning or dumb luck, I managed to stock up on some skincare essentials just before we went into the lockdown. I also am a fan of storing backups of my favourite products, just in case I need to travel or the company discontinues them. All of this helped me settle into the lockdown without the fear of exhausting my daily essentials.

But that’s just me, a rare case in an ocean of possibilities. The reality is, most of you will face a shortage of essentials. Either halfway through or towards the end of the lockdown. It’s a good idea to pause and consider rationing your skincare essentials to make them last longer. Here's the amount of product you really need to keep your skin happy.


1. Cleanser


Majority of us use cleansers more than they are needed. Our greedy palms don't realise that using more than you need only wastes the product and doesn’t enhance its actions. When it comes to face cleansers, a small bottle cap should be your ideal marker for product use. If you are double cleansing, halve this quantity and distribute it between the oil and foam cleanser.


2. Moisturiser


There are a few tricks you can use to save your moisturizers. Mix it with some facial oil or use it post-shower on damp skin to make them go on easier. Ideally, you need a dollop of cream that is roughly the size of one almond; to cover both neck and face.


3. Sunscreen


Lockdown or not, it is generally advisable to wear your sunscreen indoors as well. There is evidence to prove that your skin can go through sun damage at home, so daily applications are necessary. Squeeze out enough cream to cover the length of your index finger for your neck, face and any other exposed area. Repeat every 3 hours, especially if your home work station is closer to an open window.


4. Scrub


Because you need to scrub only once a week, the scrub can be used more freely. The ideal amount of scrub you need is the shape of one almond; mix it with a little bit of water and work in circles on your face. This form of deep exfoliation will keep your skin plump, fresh, and on its way to healing during the downtime.


5. Serum


Nighttime skincare options are incomplete without a pea-sized serving of face serum. Infused with active ingredients, the serum is responsible for repair and rejuvenation of the skin overnight. To make the most of this itty bitty dollop, take it in the back of your hand, apply all over your face as dots and massage.