How To Remove Black Spots

Written by Karabi TalukdarFeb 07, 2019
How to Remove Black Spots

We all know how stubborn dark spots can be and hence, getting rid of them is almost a herculean task. Did you know that these pesky spots appear due to excess melanin content? This melanin increases when your skin shields itself from the sun. The harmful sun rays oxidise melanin, which results in black spots. Moreover, black spots can be a result of acne scars and hormonal changes in the body. But worry not, as with regular prevention and care, you can not only stop them from increasing but also get rid of black spots in time. Here’s a low-down on black spots...


Swear by SPF

Stop touching your face

Skin damage due to sun exposure is a very well-known fact; UV rays are the real monsters behind black spots. So to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun, make sure you wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 every day. You’d be surprised to learn that the sun can penetrate clouds and even snow. Hence, it is imperative to arm your skin with sunscreen irrespective of the weather conditions. To apply sunscreen, rub it on your fingers and apply the product on your face including your chin and upper lip area and then move to the rest of your body. Whether you suffer from black spots or not, a sunscreen ought to be a part of your skin care routine.


Cover up

Stop touching your face

Since UV rays are one of the prime causes behind black spots, make sure you cover up while stepping out in the sun. Sun damage can often slow down the healing process of an acne scar, which might cause some serious damage to your skin. This is also why you’re often left with an acne scar in spite of the fact that you didn’t even pop a pimple! Hence, the best thing to do is to wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses or carry an umbrella as you step out to save your face from the sun and in turn, to avoid dark spots.


Rely on a spot corrector

Stop touching your face

It is imperative to rely on a product that specifically targets spots and scars because black spots are a result of sun damage or acne marks. We suggest using the Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Treatment for your black spots. It targets spots similar to a laser treatment and penetrates 3 layers deep to work on the marks from the roots. Moreover, its triple sunscreens offer sun protection and prevent the recurrence of marks. Make this a part of your skin care routine if you truly want to get rid of dark spots. Sounds easy, right?


Stop touching your face

Stop touching your face

Remember how we told you about pimple popping being a skin taboo? We say this especially because popping a zit or even touching your face can spread bacteria in your skin worsening a pimple that might take the form of a scar. Your hands are carriers of bacteria since they’re exposed to the air throughout the day. This why you need to keep your hands off your face if you truly want to ensure that your face is free of black spots!

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