How To Remove Dark Spots From Your Face

Written by Team BBOct 08, 2018
How To Remove Dark Spots From Your Face
Who doesn’t dread dark spots? They make one’s face look dull and take away from the natural beauty of our complexion. It’s a very common problem and for years, we’ve wondered how to get rid of it. Do you finally want to know the solution to dark spots? Well, it lies here.

How do dark spots occur?

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Dark spots are caused when the skin is damaged. When this happens, the melanocyte in the base layer of the skin gets stimulated. This causes the production of the pigment melanin which gets transferred to the top layer of the skin, leading to dark spots.


What are their causes?

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Acne, at any age can cause dark spots. Even when acne is picked or pinched, it leads to such spotting. The remnants that acne leaves behind on one’s skin can also be dark spots.

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Sunrays, at any season or time in the year, can cause them too! It isn’t the visible rays of sun that are behind it – instead it is the UVA and UVB rays.

How do you treat it?

When treating the problem of dark spots, it is important to find ingredients that tackle the problem at its root.

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Vitamin B3 is especially helpful as it prevents the transfer of melanocyte to the surface, thus banishing dark spots. It also repairs the skin and evens its tone to lighten such spots.

A sun protection factor in the cream of choice is also essential hence look out for those that contain SPF 15 and PA++.


What is the ideal choice to fight dark spots?

Dark Spots Protection

For this job, the Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream is just what you need. With its content of Vitamin B3, SPF 15 and PA++, it will shield your skin while working hard to lighten any spots. To use it, dot the cream around the face and neck and massage it into the skin with your fingertips.

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