Our skin suffers when excess oil from the sebaceous glands clogs our pores. Along with environmental contaminants and bacteria, sebum gets trapped within the skin. This gives rise to that dreaded skin concern—whiteheads. They may barely be visible but if not treated soon, can damage your skin. If you suffer from them too and are wondering how to get rid of whiteheads here are a few tips that could help…
how to remove whiteheads


True to your grandmother’s wisdom, garlic works like magic for the skin and is a great solution for whiteheads. It contains allicin, which is an antifungal and antibacterial compound that can suck out all the grime and oil that causes whiteheads.

Rub garlic juice on the skin for best results and wash off with lukewarm water.

Use the right face wash

Using a cleanser meant for your skin type is of utmost importance and the one for all skin types is the POND'S Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam. With Activated Carbon, this facial foam deeply cleanses the skin and removes dirt, thus fighting whiteheads and leaving your skin looking radiant.

Raw potato slice

The solution to so many skin problems lies within the walls of your kitchen. They absorb the excess sebum and remove the accumulated bacteria, the real devil behind whiteheads so that, over time, you are left with clear skin.