Monsoons are a tricky time for the body with the flu and other infections floating around. But do you know who bears the brunt of the monsoons the most? Our feet! The rain water filled with mud, bacteria and fungi can affect our feet in several ways. If you want to save yourself from this problem, read our tips on how to take care of your feet this monsoon.

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Choose the right footwear

We know you love your ballerinas and comfy chappals but your feet truly need a break from them during the monsoons. Avoid picking closed leather or canvas shoes as they tend to accumulate more water. Opt for open-toed jelly sandals that will evaporate the water easily. So it’s wise to invest in a good pair of footwear that you can use throughout the monsoons.

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Trim your nails

If your nails are long and unkempt, you should know that they will attract dirt and bacteria. If you keep your nails short, dirt won’t enter them while you step out in the rains. It’s as simple as that!

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Clean your feet

Wash your feet after returning from an outing immediately. This will remove all the accumulated dirt that settles on to your feet because of rain water. Also remember to give your footwear a good wash so it’s clean and ready for the next time you step out.

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Don’t leave wounds open

Leaving open wounds are highly risky during the rainy season as that might cause infection. So before you step out ensure that the wounds are covered with waterproof band-aid so the water does not enter the wound in any way.

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Exfoliating regularly during the monsoons is of utmost importance. Take half a bucket of warm water and add a tablespoon of salt to it. The salt water has the power to soften the skin, kill the bacteria and remove the bad odour that comes along with rain water. Using a pumice stone to exfoliate further will be a great idea as it will help you get rid of the dead skin. If you wish to get pampered and are too lazy for this, head over to the Lakmé Salon that has the best pedicure services you can ever ask for!

Extra tip: We know you’ve been eyeing those gorgeous gumboots in the market. While it’s a great option to wear them when you’re wading through muddy water, we suggest you get out of them once you’re indoors and slip into jelly flats for the rest of the day as you need to let your feet breathe during this season.