There are many reasons that could cause acne; prime among them is over-active sebaceous glands that produce excess sebum which results in breakouts. But that hardly means that you can’t find the right treatment for acne. If you’re getting pimples way too often here is a quick guide that could be of help…

Use the right cleanser

We all know that the real monster behind acne is oily skin. This is why you need to keep your skin cleansing process on point. Introduce yourself to the Pond’s Pimple Clear White Face Wash. With Active Thymo-T Essence, this face wash locks pimples and their bacteria at the root for only healthy, clear skin to show through.

Don’t pick your face

If you’ve been suffering from acne, one of the biggest promises you can make to yourself is to keep your hands off your face. When you touch your face too often, the bacteria from your fingers come into contact with the pimple making acne all the more severe.

Watch your diet

One of the causes of acne could easily be greasy and fatty foods. Hence, try and include leafy vegetables in your diet. One such veggie is spinach. Rich in chlorophyll which is a blood purifier, it can help cleanse your body. Green tea is also known to help deal with oily skin. The best choice among all of these acne-fighting foods is actually water! It helps to flush out toxins, cleanse your system and keep your skin pimple-free.