Prepping For Summer: How To Effectively Treat Nasty Sunburns

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Prepping for summer: how to effectively treat nasty sunburns

With summer comes sunburn. Prolonged sun exposure can cause your skin to burn if you’re not covering it with enough sunscreen and light clothes. To heal nasty sunburns, it’s important to begin treating it as soon as you notice it, because it can take several hours for the full extent of the damage to show itself.

Sunburns may seem temporary but can have a long-lasting effect on your skin by significantly increasing the risk of skin disease, wrinkles, and dark spots. At the first sign of sunburn, get out of the sun and rush indoors. Once indoors, the following tips can help relieve the discomfort...


Cover your skin with a cold, damp towel

Wear loose clothing

The easiest method of treating sunburn is by putting a cold, damp towel on your skin and leaving it there for about 15-20 minutes. This will help take some of the heat out of your skin. You can also take frequent cool showers to relieve the pain. Once you’re out of the shower, don’t rub yourself rigorously, instead pat yourself dry. Apply a moisturiser on damp skin to lock in the moisture and to ease the dryness.


Aloe vera to your rescue

Wear loose clothing

Having an aloe vera plant at your home can be a big saviour, especially when it comes to treating sunburns. The gel inside this succulent plant provides immediate, soothing relief from harsh sunburns. Apart from the gel, aloe vera oil is also very beneficial in moisturising your skin. For better results, place the aloe vera plant or oil in your refrigerator a few minutes before applying it on the affected area. This should help relieve the itching and stinging sensation.


Chamomile tea not just soothes your spirit but also your sunburns

Wear loose clothing

Yes, it’s true! With its anti-inflammatory properties, chamomile tea helps relieve nasty sunburns. All you need to do is brew the tea as you normally would and let it cool. Then, soak a washcloth in it and apply it to the affected area. The tea helps the skin heal and feel better, faster.


Oatmeal mixed with olive oil and cool water

Wear loose clothing

Fill your bath tub with oatmeal, a few drops of olive oil and cool water. This combination will not only hydrate your skin but also soothe itchiness. Make your own soak by blending a cup of instant or slow-cooking oatmeal until it has a smooth, fine consistency. Finely ground oatmeal works as an anti-inflammatory when mixed with bath water, thereby giving you relief from harsh sunburns.


Wear loose clothing

Wear loose clothing

While your skin is repairing itself, make sure to wear clothes that are comfortable and not body-hugging. It’s ideal to give your skin some room to breathe as it heals from nasty sunburns. Wear maxi dresses or cotton shirts while outdoors and loose shorts or yoga pants while indoors, and make it cotton or natural fabrics.

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