4 Ways Beauty Is Expected To Evolve Post The Pandemic

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
4 ways beauty is expected to evolve post the pandemic

The pandemic has affected our lives in several unpleasant ways, but if you had to look for a silver lining in these uncertain times, the sudden pause has also made us treasure things that we once took for granted — heading out for a morning walk mindlessly, hopping onto a plane to explore new places, walking into a beauty outlet to find products to add to our beauty stash… the list is endless.

The beginning of the new decade was truly that — the start of a new normal. A new (albeit boring) way to live life. Washing hands has become a necessity, working in the comfort of our homes and wearing a face mask every time we’re out in the open is becoming a habit. As humans, it’s our nature to evolve — pandemic or not. And with that evolves our approach towards life. Has the pandemic brought life to a grinding halt? No, but it surely has made us take a route we wouldn’t have considered taking earlier. This is true when it comes to the beauty world too. While the pandemic has definitely left us with fewer opportunities to wear a full face of makeup, it has also made us embrace and focus on different aspects of skincare and beauty.

In this article, we are going to try and give you a bit more clarity about how we think people’s take on beauty is going to change in the post-pandemic world and what you need to do to get onboard…


It’s all about the eyes

Imperfections are beautiful

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Since wearing a lipstick under the mask is basically pointless, the eyes are where all the drama is being focused. From playing around with different styles and colours, beauty buffs are going all out and experimenting with new and unique ways to play up the eyes. With new eye makeup trends on the rise every single day, this is a great time for you to take out all those eyeshadow palettes and other eye makeup products that you never got around to using because your favourite bold lipstick always took precedence.


BB and CC creams for the win

Imperfections are beautiful

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Using a full coverage foundation underneath a face mask is a big no-no! It can clog your pores and irritate your skin leading to maskne. Therefore, it is time to push your favourite heavy-duty foundations to the back of the beauty cabinet and bring out that tube of BB or CC cream for a light, natural coverage — minus the clogged pores.


It’s all about self-care

Imperfections are beautiful

With all the extra time on hand and nowhere to go, the focus on skincare is higher than ever. From using all the skincare products that had been lying around to indulging in some clever DIYs, this importance of skincare is sure going to continue long after the lockdown has been lifted.


Imperfections are beautiful

Imperfections are beautiful

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Before the pandemic, stepping out of our houses with a single stray eyebrow hair or chipped nail paint seemed blasphemous. But the lockdown has taught us to accept these imperfections. We have learnt to cut our own bangs, give us ourselves an at-home manicure and not shy away from flaunting those greys.

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