Your Home Furniture Can Double Up As Gym Equipment. Here’s How...

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Your home furniture can double up as gym equipment. Here’s how...

While sweating it out in a gym is great with a professional trainer, equipment and fitness freaks around to motivate you, it does have its downsides too. You may not make it to the gym every day due to time crunch, get stuck in traffic and when you do, you may get breakouts and reactions due to sweat and dirty machines used by anyone and everyone (Eww). If you’re someone who would rather workout at home, we can help you!

You can get your home furniture to do double duty as exercising equipment and workout at the comfort of your home, without having to worry about bacteria and breakout you bring from the gym...Try these 3 indoor exercises in your own ‘home gym’.


Lunges—using a low couch

One-arm kettlebell push press—using a heavy water container

Lunges stretch your body to tone your thighs and legs and works for the posture of your back. Use a couch, low centre table or a steady bench or stool to help you do lunges. Start by standing with your back against the couch or the table or stool, whatever you are using. Put one foot on the table and take the other foot two steps towards the front so that you are standing in a wide stance.  Now bend your knees towards the floor and do a lunge. Make sure your left knee is not past your left toe. You can also use dumbbells while doing this exercise. 


Push ups—using a chair

One-arm kettlebell push press—using a heavy water container

Push ups work on your core, chest, back, and arms. And you don’t need a gym and a trainer for that. You can easily pull off push ups in your home using a chair. Here’s what you need to do. Place a chair against the wall and put both your palms on the seat of the chair. Bend in a plank pose. Keep your back straight and feet together and pull your body down. Push yourself up and repeat.


One-arm kettlebell push press—using a heavy water container

One-arm kettlebell push press—using a heavy water container

Great for your arms and lower body, kettlebell push press also strengthening your core and works on shoulders and calves. You don’t need a kettlebell, rather get a heavy water container, with a handle, obviously, and get started. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart and take the water container in your left hand. Now keep your arm (holding the container) towards the shoulder and do a squat by pushing your hips back and bend your knees. Be in that position for a few seconds and then stand straight while raising your hand with the container overhead in a straight manner. Repeat this other arm after few reps.

And, there, you did it, burned calories at home! Now time to take some selfies of that post-workout, glowing skin.

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