We are all, always looking for natural and safe ways to give our skin the essential nutrients and nourishment that will make it clear and flawless. None of us like problem skin; so we believe it is high time we switched to a clean beauty skin care routine! Let’s take a look at Pentavitin, a new-age skin care ingredient to deal with stressful skin woes. This new and natural skin care ingredient is going to be huge in the coming year...


What is Pentavitin?

What is Pentavitin?

Meet Pentavitin, a revolutionary way to deal with dry, parched and flaky skin. Pentavitin is a 100% natural and plant-derived way to boost your skin’s hydration levels and make it soft, supple and plump. This new skin warrior that is a part of all of Simple’s skin care range does not contain any sort of preservative and is suitable to be used for both hair and skin. Love it already?

We have a lot more reasons why you should reach for this ingredient ASAP!

Boosts skin’s moisture

Your skin feels dry and parched because it lacks water in the upper scaly layers. Usually the underlying layers are sufficiently hydrated by the skin’s internal moisturizing mechanism. The composition of Pentavitin mirrors the natural carbohydrate complex found in stratum corneum. This helps it sink right into the skin and moisturise it better than any other moisturising ingredient.

Moisture that lasts

The best thing about having Pentavtin in skin and hair care products is that the moisture stays in your skin for a full 72 hours. This amazing quality keeps your skin from feeling dry and parched for longer. This is the main reason your skin feels dewy and supple.  

Has skin regenerative properties

Not only does this miracle ingredient provide amazing moisturising, it also repairs damage to the skin caused by environmental aggressors and ageing. Pentavitin creates a shield on your skin to make it resistant to any kind of damage caused by seasonal changes.

Can’t be washed away

Missed a day of your skin care routine? With Pentavitin in your skin care routine, you would never have to worry about skipping skin care every once in a while. This amazing ingredient works sinks right into your skin, stays in there for as long as 72 hours to repair and moisturise it.

Suits even the most sensitive of the skins

Pentavitin is extremely gentle on the skin and works for all skin types, including extremely sensitive. It calms and soothes an itchy, dry and flaky skin as well as improves its overall appearance.