Move over, K-beauty! This is the J-beauty way to layer skincare

Written by Nishtha BhallaOct 05, 2021

We've all been enamoured by the idea of following a 10-step K-beauty routine. Most of us succeeded, only to find the process of getting glass-skin a little... tiresome. But that won't stop us from turning to more secret beauty routines for flawless skin — and the latest one on our radar is none other than J-beauty.

Contrary to the overwhelming, lengthy, and sometimes-slightly-unnecessary K-beauty, J-beauty is a simplified routine that focuses on skin health, and of course, promotes skinimalism. Ahead, we're listing down the steps you need to follow to get healthy, beautiful skin, all thanks to the Japanese skincare routine. Take notes!

Step 01: Oil-based cleansers

J-beauty consists of double cleansing, and the first cleanser you need to use is an oil-based one. Use this to rinse off your makeup, the impurities that may have accumulated, and sunscreen by massaging it gently into your skin and washing it off with lukewarm water.

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Step 02: Foaming cleansers

Next up, we start with the Japanese ritual of 'Awa', which literally means bubbles, using a foaming cleanser. Smooth, creamy, and of course, bubbly, foaming cleansers help combat wrinkles, dark spots, and signs of ageing by reducing the friction that happens during cleansing. Simply press the foam against your skin and massage your face to get rid of unwanted dirt from your pores.

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Step 03: Hydrate

Don't be intimidated by the J-beauty routine, though; it's essentially a CTM routine, since the next step is, of course, hydration! Use a gentle toner and apply it onto a cotton pad. Instead of swiping it all over your face haphazardly, pat the cotton on your face in an upward motion, to enrich each and every pore on your face. This will help you absorb all the good nutrients from the toner effectively.

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Step 04: Seal it in

You want your skin to retain all the goodness that you've accumulated so far, right? That's why you need to use a moisturiser that caters to your skin's needs, and pat it on your still-damp skin to lock in the hydration. Your skin also needs heavy protection from UV rays, so kill two birds with one stone by using a moisturiser with SPF in it for best results.

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