Keep Your Body Odour In Check And Avoid An ‘Oops!’ Situation

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Keep your body odour in check and avoid an ‘oops!’ situation

Facial hair can play spoil sport and ruin your confidence. For girls with facial hair, salon appointments are as compulsive as shopping during the sale season. You even end up scheduling your social life around your parlour appointments. But there is another thing that is equally, if not more off- putting than unsightly upper lip hair – body odour. This is one thing that no one points out, but if you have it, can be quite embarrassing! If you are someone who struggles with BO, we are here to help.


Get your underarms waxed regularly

Reduce intake of certain foods

It is recommended that you get your underarms waxed at regular intervals. Other than letting you flaunt your arms in those pretty sleeveless dresses, it also helps combat body odour to a great extent. When your underarms have hair, the sweat evaporation process in that area slows down and provides ample time for the bacteria to react and produce smelly sweat.


Use a roll-on deodorant

Reduce intake of certain foods

Using a roll-on deodorant such as the Rexona Shower Fresh Underarm Odour Protection Roll On is another simple, yet effective way to deal with body odour. The use of deodorants makes your skin more acidic, making it a bad breeding ground for bacteria. This helps keep body odour in check.


Reduce intake of certain foods

Reduce intake of certain foods

What you eat majorly affects body odour. We suggest you cut down on the foods that tend to make you sweat more such as pepper, garlic and onions. Even the consumption of caffeine or alcohol makes your sweat smell and is best avoided in case you want to prevent or eliminate body odour.

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