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Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 15, 2016
We’ve all experimented with skin care routines but there are hardly any of us who manage to stick to one for a relatively long period of time. We did some scouting of our own and decoded the ultimate summer beauty regime you need to adopt to get by in this scorching weather.

Cleansing to get started

Stay sun safe with sunscreen

Step one in all skin care routines is to clean your skin thoroughly. Cleansing gets rid of all the summer grime that's been accumulating on your face – we’re talking about sweat, pollution and surface level infections. You'll be surprised to know that apart from pollution and dust, things like touching your face too often or even the screen of your cell phone can transfer bacteria to your skin.
We recommend: The Dove Go Fresh Face Wash range


Exfoliate to deep cleanse

Stay sun safe with sunscreen

Unless you suffer from ultra-sensitive skin, exfoliate twice a week to get rid of all those dead skin cells that'll sap the radiance from your face. This will get rid of the flaky skin that’s making your face appear dull, and it’ll promote blood circulation to the tissues on your face. If done right, what you're left with is fresh looking skin that has a natural, rosy glow.
We recommend: Lakmé Clean Up Clear Pores Scrub


Masks to tone your skin

Stay sun safe with sunscreen

Eliminate the appearance of open pores with a mask or a toning ritual. Usually, rubbing a cube of ice on newly exfoliated skin can do the trick. If you’re not one to believe in toners (as most of us are), you can use a face mask that’ll get rid of the excess impurities, de-tan your skin and leave it with a salon-like natural glow.
We recommend: Lakme Nourishing Glow Face mask


Moisturise to hydrate

Stay sun safe with sunscreen

Whether its summer or winter, you skin is always thirsty and needs nourishment from the outside. Give it all the TLC it needs with a vitamin rich fruit moisturiser. Find the one that suits your skin type without creating an oil problem on your face.
We recommend: Lakme Peach milk moisturiser


Stay sun safe with sunscreen

Stay sun safe with sunscreen

Did you know that one of the most effective ways of slowing down premature ageing is to use sunscreen everyday? That’s why we’ve always sided with multi-benefit sunscreens that offer the regular sun protection as well as throw in a host of other advantages such as doubling up as a base for your makeup or giving your skin the hydration it needs. With a 40°Cheat wave coming at us, we doubt our skin could handle more than a single layer of cream slathered on it.
We recommend: The Lakmé 9to5 Mattifying and Hydrating Super SunscreenSPF 50 PA+++

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