The cool weather and dry air sure do bring out your oversized sweater and cosy hoodies from your wardrobe. But it also brings up a whole lot of skin and hair concerns, constant dryness being number one. If you are battling with the uninvited guests of winter and can’t find a solution, we are about to make your life a little easy. BeBeautiful spoke to consultant dermatologist and skin expert Dr. Mrunal Shah Modi and got the following insights...

skin expert winter skincare

Why is it important to use SPF in winter?

SPF should be used throughout the year whether its winter or monsoon. During winter the UVA rays affect the skin more than UVB rays. Apart from the sun rays, light coming from tube lights, halogen lights, mobile, computers also account for sun damage therefore it is important to wear sunscreen even when you’re indoors.

skin expert winter skincare

Which natural oils are good for dry skin in winter?

There are several oils available in the market but I will be talking about the more common easily available ones. Coconut oil is perfect for those with very dry skin to get healthy and supple skin. Lavender oil and sandalwood oil mixed with a carrier oil offer relief from eczema and psoriasis and premature aging respectively. Almond oil can be used by all skin types because there are little to no side effects of this oil. Lastly, my personal favourite olive oil which not just nourishes skin but also prevents stretch marks in expecting women.

skin expert winter skincare

How to treat dry and chapped lips in winter?

Dry and chapped lips is a common problem in winter. However, there are certain habits that you need to first give up. Stop licking your lips, as the digestive enzymes in your saliva cause extra dryness and make them bleed. Do not pick on the dry skin on your lips as this will cause more problems. Instead exfoliate your lips to get rid of dry skin and follow up with a chapstick to get relief.