3 Lifestyle Changes That Will Give You Clear Skin

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
3 lifestyle changes that will give you clear skin

You know the drill. To get clear, porcelain skin, you should be drinking lots of water, following your skincare routine and cleansing and exfoliating like your life depends on it. However, while you are busy piling skincare products on your face and gulping litres of water, chances are, your unhealthy and unhygienic lifestyle habits are undoing your efforts. Want to know how to change them?

Here are three lifestyle changes you should make to get clear and gorgeous skin… for free!


01. Give up unhealthy diet

03. Tidy up

Okay, it’s a tough one. But trust us, it’s going to be a game-changer. Foods with high levels of sugar, caffeine, fats and carbs tend to mess up with your skin and can result in acne, premature ageing and more. Instead, switch to healthier options like green tea, honey and fruits.


02. De-stress

03. Tidy up

Stress causes skin woes like acne. And acne, in turn, causes you to stress out. It’s time to end this vicious cycle and start taking part in relaxing activities. Practise yoga, go for a run or simply meditate and de-stress. You can also pamper your skin with a relaxing face mask sesh every week.


03. Tidy up

03. Tidy up

You can try everything under the sun, but unless you’re maintaining proper skin hygiene, clear skin will be a distant dream. Keep your surroundings not just clean, but Marie Kondo clean. Change your bedding regularly, wear fresh clothes and keep your hands squeaky clean (better not touch your face when they aren’t).

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