Makeup Tips For Girls With Acne-Prone Skin, So Your Skin Won’t Throw A Tantrum!

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Makeup tips for girls with acne-prone skin, so your skin won’t throw a tantrum!

Clear, dewy and smooth skin is what every girl dreams of. Yet some of us carry our teenage acne right through adulthood and it never seem to say goodbye. Adult acne could be due to a lot of reasons, oily skin, genes and hormonal imbalance, just to name a few.

Just because you have acne prone skin or blemishes does not mean you cannot achieve a flawless looking base using makeup. However, some makeup can make acne worse, that’s why it is essential to pick the right formulas and products. Read on to learn some important makeup tips every girl with acne prone skin should know.


Matte matters

Let your skin breathe

Dewy skin might be a trend that everyone is obsessing over, including your best friend. But that does not mean you should too. Understand the needs of your skin and avoid doing anything that might make it angry. Dewy foundation formulas work best for dry or combination skin, and those with oily and acne prone skin should stick to a foundation that says matte finish, oil-free, semi-matte on its packaging.


Avoid products that block pores

Let your skin breathe

Look for non-comedogenic products, meaning ones that won’t clog your pores. Skincare and makeup products that block your pores will lead to more acne and blemishes. Therefore, read the ingredients and features of the products you are buying to ensure you are not contributing to your acne prone skin.


Use concealer stick

Let your skin breathe

When you have acne and blemishes, it is better to use a concealer stick instead of a liquid formula. This allows you to dab the product exactly where you need it without making the rest of your face look patchy. Look for a creamy formula that blends well and matches with your skin tone.


Always carry blotting paper

Let your skin breathe

Keep your acne spot treatment close and your blotting papers closer. The oil producing sebum on oily and acne prone skin work overtime, leading to excessively oily skin, particularly in T-zone. Oil can mix with makeup and cause breakouts and melt your makeup sooner than you'd expect. Therefore, carry blotting papers in your bag at all times to lift away the excess oil, without upsetting your makeup.


Let your skin breathe

Let your skin breathe

When you have acne and blemishes, it is a little difficult to step out without makeup. However, taking a break from makeup will allow your pores and acne to heal faster. On days when you do wear makeup, ensure your skin is thoroughly cleansed at the end of the day before you go to bed.

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