It is only in Bollywood movies that a girl can dance on the streets, get drenched in the rain, and still look her flawless best. In reality however, the scene is absolutely different. Reality is where you are struggling to hold an umbrella that’s flying away with the wind, you have fuzzy hair that can give Mufasa the lion a run for his money, your skin is a wreck and you just want to rush home, clean up and snuggle in bed with a cup of coffee.

If that gave you the feels, here are 8 relatable AF beauty struggles that every girl goes through in monsoon. Take a look...


Skin dripping of oil

Skin dripping of oil - Monsoon beauty struggles

Just when you thought your skin couldn’t produce any more oil…voila! The humid weather casts the sticky spell.


Hair’s a frizzy mess

Hair’s a frizzy mess  - Monsoon beauty struggles

If there’s one thing we hate the most about monsoon, it is the untameable frizz for our hair. Seriously hair! What’s wrong with you?


Smudged and smeared makeup

Smudged and smeared makeup - Monsoon beauty struggles

Melted eye makeup and nowhere-to-be-seen foundation are as common in the heavy downpour as muddy puddles. Anyone else miss spring, already?


Nail game, not so strong

Nail game, not so strong - Monsoon beauty struggles

Exposure to rain water makes your fingernails and toenails brittle, discoloured and rough. Don’t even get us started on the fungal infections, because, eew!


Gloomy and fickle skin

Gloomy and fickle skin - Monsoon beauty struggles

Don’t you hate it when your skin goes from being bearable to acne-prone to being extremely sensitive and dull within a few days? Well, that’s what monsoon does.


Blow dry that doesn’t hold up

Blow dry that doesn’t hold up - Monsoon beauty struggles

Stepping out with voluminous waves, only to find it has become flat and limp after a while. Why, though?


Hair all over the place

Hair all over the place - Monsoon beauty struggles

Monsoon is the worst season for your precious locks. As humidity makes it weaker and prone to breakage you can’t help but mourn your fallen glory.


Icky body odour

Icky body odour - Monsoon beauty struggles

Rains and unpleasant smells are BFFs. We are not just talking about the musty and mouldy smell it unleashes all around, but the icky body odour which is even worse, TBH. 

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