The lockdown period has taken away the joy of celebrating several important days from us. Aries babies have spent their birthdays in isolation, and other people might have celebrated other milestones via video calls and digital mediums. Another important day that we'll be celebrating at home is Mother's Day.

But even though you're to stay home for this special day doesn't mean you have to stay low-key with the celebrations as well! Make your mom's day extra special by giving her the gift of time and indulging in some fun beauty activities that you can pull off from the comfort of your home.


01. Give each other facials

Give each other facials

Remember the days when you booked couple massages or clubbed facials at the salon? Aah, the memories! Well, this Mother’s Day, go ahead and give your mom an at-home facial. Treat each other to the ultimate spa-like experience and step out looking like total divas at the end of the day. You can leave your brother (or dad!) with all the water boiling, steam generating and towel soaking business.


02. Give each other makeovers

Give each other makeovers

Step out of the sweatpant rut and dress up in your most flamboyant outfits for the day! Give each other a full hair and makeup makeover, down to getting your mom to finally try feathered falsies. Pick themed makeup looks that you can do on each other, or even make a timed challenge out of it. It is always fun when someone messes up the blush and chances are it is going to be your out-of-practice self this year.


03. Get creative with your manis and pedis!

Get creative with your manis and pedis!

Put all those nail art Pinterest boards to good use and give your mom the fabulous mani/pedi sessions she deserves. You can either keep things classy with a French mani or try something fun and eccentric. For the pedicure, we suggest adding an additional step and cover up with some cute socks to make it last.


04. Create your own DIY recipes

Create your own DIY recipes

We are well into the 2nd month of a nationwide lockdown and now might be the right time to look at DIY beauty alternatives. Supplies are running thin and a homemade face cleanser, mask, body wash or soap is your best alternative. Do a quick inventory of your kitchen and come up with your own unique DIY formula suited to your needs. The best part is that your home is going to smell divine from all the fruit peels and essential oils.


05. Practice tricky hair looks on each other

Practice tricky hair looks on each other

This Mother’s day, turn yourself and your mom into hair models for one another! All the tricky hairstyles that are too difficult to practice on your own mane, try them on your mom. And your mom can test out all her elaborate hair accessories on you, including that beautiful claw clip you've had your eyes on for a while. Don’t forget to capture and share these moments on your social media.