Bid Adieu To Greasy Hand Creams With The Lakmé Hand & Nail Creams

Written by Tashika TyagiNov 30, 2023
Bid adieu to greasy hand creams with the Lakmé Hand & Nail Creams

Over the last year, we and our hands have gone through a lot. Constant washing and sanitising of hands can lead to them becoming dry and patchy. The best solution? A moisturising hand cream. Unfortunately, the ‘best’ hand creams in the market are all talk and no show. They tend to leave hands greasy and need constant re-application. But, as always, we have found the perfect hand cream — the Lakmé Hand & Nail Creams. Read on to find out why we’re obsessing over these hand creams.


What makes them different…

Why we’re loving them…


This 2-in-1 hand and nail cream from the house of Lakmé is made with the goodness of pentavitin, almond oil, and natural superfoods that help keep hands soft, non-greasy, and most importantly, moisturised even after washing  — isn’t that all we need?

But that’s not all. It works wonderfully well on the nail cuticles too. Constant washing of the hands can make the cuticles flaky, which, in turn, can make it more prone to bacterial infections. That’s why a nice hand cream like the Lakmé Hand & Nail Creams comes in handy (pun intended). Just squeeze out some hand cream and slather it all over your hands and nails, and you will have super soft and moisturised hands for up to 4 hours with just one application!



Why we’re loving them…

Why we’re loving them…


Now, coming to what got us all in love with this hand cream. The Lakmé Hand & Nail Creams come in four variants — Avocado, Mulberry, Matcha and Pomelo. These superfoods plus pentavitin and almond oil make for a non-greasy and lightweight formula that helps keep your hands moisturised and soft, even after constant washing. Plus, the hand creams retail at a pocket-friendly of ₹249.

The Lakmé Hand & Nail Cream With Avocado brings all the benefits of this superfood for your hands. This powerhouse of vitamins helps soothe your skin and prevent it from getting dry and flaky, — just what you need while taking care of your hands.

Mulberry is known to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and moisturise and nourish the skin to make it soft and that’s why we’re loving the Lakmé Hand & Nail Cream With Mulberry. This hand cream prevents skin ageing and makes your hands appear younger and softer.

Enriched with antioxidants, the superfood matcha protects your skin and improves its tone. The Lakmé Hand & Nail Cream With Matcha will further help you keep your hands and cuticles softer and moisturised for up to four hours without reapplication!

The Lakmé Hand & Nail Cream With Pomelo is all you need to brighten and revitalise the skin of your hands and to keep it youthful-looking and protected. All thanks to the high antioxidant content and vitamin C in this superfood, this hand cream will take perfect care of your hand and keep it super moisturised!


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