5 Beauty Tips To Follow Overnight

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 10, 2018
It’s every girl’s dream to wake up to flawless looking skin. But did you know that your skin undergoes a whole lot of repairing and rejuvenating while you’re fast asleep? Precisely why it is important to know how you can use this process to your benefit and wake up to happy skin the next morning. Here’s how you can repair your skin through the night.

Swear by a night cream

Hydrate your lips

When you’re asleep, you can shield your skin with a firming night cream because this is also when your skin doesn’t have to face environmental contaminants and the harsh sun rays. So help it repair beautifully by opting for the Lakmé Youth Infinity Skin Firming Night Crème. This cream is light on the skin and works through the night to make your skin get rid of the puffiness and fatigue. You’ll wake up with fresh looking skin the next morning. We suggest you make this a part of your routine and use the night cream every night for optimum results.


Tie a braid

Hydrate your lips

Beauty experts insist on tying a braid before hitting bed. Why? Well, when your hair is left loose, there are chances of it being tangled, which eventually causes breakage. If you’ve been struggling de-tangling your hair every morning and in the process, are losing hair, the answer lies in tying it up neatly in a braid before going to bed.


Sleep on your back

Hydrate your lips

We understand that sleeping positions cannot be controlled but it is important for you to know that when you sleep on your side or on the stomach, there are greater chances of you developing creases and wrinkles on your face. The repeated pressure can cause premature aging. Hence, it is advisable to sleep on your back if you truly wish to have flawless skin all your life!


Heal your feet

Hydrate your lips

Suffering from dry and cracked feet for a while now? Use Vaseline petroleum jelly on your feet and let it work its magic overnight. But make sure you wear your cotton socks after having applied Vaseline to the cracks of your feet. The socks will help the jelly stick to your feet and its moisturizing properties will slowly and surely help you achieve happy feet!


Hydrate your lips

Hydrate your lips

Your lips lose colour due to the environment contaminants, harsh sun rays and habits like smoking and addiction to coffee. Also, the night time is when you don’t have a lip makeup on and can help your lips heal easily. We suggest you apply some almond oil to your lips as this oil will rejuvenate your deal cells and heal chapped lips.

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