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Written by Girija NaiksatamJun 27, 2014
Given that we’ve been waxing since our teens, it’d be safe to assume that we’d have our pre and post waxing skin care rituals down pat, right? …Wrong! Not many women know that waxing is as painful for our skin as it is for us. So, if we’re ripping hair out of its follicles, it’s quite understandable that our skin demands some extra love and attention after. Here’s how you can care for your skin post a wax
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Astringent for all
Waxing opens up your pores making your skin more prone to infection. So once you’re done, ask your salon for cotton wool dabbed with generous amounts of astringent and apply it on the freshly waxed areas. It’ll close your pores and leave your skin with a very (welcome) cool feeling.

Hide from the heat
Steer clear of the Sun, the beach, tanning or even a hot shower or a sauna. Since your skin has just been rid of an entire protective layer in the form of dead skin cells, it is at its most sensitive and therefore, very susceptible to burning.

Ice is nice
Even if you don’t see red patches or an obvious inflammation, take it for granted that a cold compress will do your skin a lot of good. So reach for the ice box in your refrigerator and gently rub a few cubes to soothe waxed skin.

The one thing you do need to worry about after waxing is ingrowth. A few days after you’ve got yourself a wax, exfoliate your skin. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells that have appeared since the wax and prevents the ingrowth of hair. And of course as an added benefit, it’ll help your wax last longer.

Go natural
Stick to natural fibres that let your skin breathe. Linens, cottons and loose clothing that won’t stick or suffocate your skin are always a good bet. And your skin will love you for it.

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