Is Your Workout Causing Your Breakouts? Avoid These Common Post-Exercise Mistakes

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Is your workout causing your breakouts? Avoid these common post-exercise mistakes

Religiously following an a.m. and p.m. skincare routine and still not noticing the desired glow on your face? The culprit may be your workout session and how you treat your skin after it! While exercising is great for your body and skin, without proper aftercare it can also prove to be damaging. The gym is a place where a lot of people share equipment and therefore perfect for germs and bacteria to breed, to ensure these don’t get transferred to your skin here’s what you need to do...

post workout skincare mistakes

Do not touch your face

Touching your face with germ laden hands is the last thing you want to do. Whether you lifted weights, did yoga or ran on the treadmill, chances are you came in contact with sweat, oil and germs that could wreak havoc on your skin. Wash your hands as soon as you finish your workout to prevent germ transfer.

post workout skincare mistakes

Avoid using a harsh cleanser

Using a deep exfoliating cleanser may sound like a great idea after exercising but it’s not! Instead, when packing your gym bag with skin care products, opt for mild cleansers free from fragrances and irritants to avoid inflammation and irritation on your skin.

post workout skincare mistakes

Change gym clothes immediately

Meeting your girlfriends for brunch after gym? Strip those sweaty clothes off, take a quick shower and get rid of all the dirt and sweat before heading out. Staying in the same clothes can lead to irritation and breakouts on the body.

post workout skincare mistakes

Keep your hair tied up

Unless you plan to wash your hair in the locker room showers, keep your hair tied back in a ponytail, braid or top knot. Letting your hair down will allow the oil, sweat and dirt to trickle down on your face and neck, causing unnecessary breakouts.

post workout skincare mistakes

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

While we need not stress on the importance of drinking water throughout the day, it is particularly important to hydrate your body post working out. Before grabbing that protein shake or smoothie, drink some water, your skin and body will thank you with a healthy glow.

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