4 reasons why you shouldn't use body lotion on the face

Written by Sanya HamdaniAug 12, 2020

Using a body lotion is essential for soft, supple and hydrated skin. As we’re becoming more aware of the needs of our skin, our skincare routines are becoming elaborate and complicated. In theory, it is necessary to use at least three different creams every night for each part of your body, but in reality only a few women follow this.

If you are a procrastinator or run out of moisturiser, you may sometimes end up using a body lotion on your face, — after all both products do the same job, right? Wrong! While the core job is the same, moisturiser and body lotions should not be used interchangeably. Here's why…

The skin on your face is delicate

The skin on your face is far more delicate than that on the rest of the body. This is because the skin on your body replaces cells on a much slower rate as compared to your face. Since the skin is thicker, it requires products that are far thicker and creamier as compared to moisturisers.

Can clog pores

Body lotions are much creamier in consistency; hence, if you apply this on your face, not only will your facial skin find it difficult to absorb, but will also attract a lot of dust and dirt, plugging your pores and eventually leading to acne (yikes!).

Moisturisers, on the other hand, are made with gentler ingredients that easily penetrate into the skin to nourish and hydrate it.

May cause allergies

Body lotions can sometimes cause allergic reactions on the delicate skin of your face. The chemicals and ingredients in your lotions are far more potent and can be quite harsh for your facial skin.

Contains chemicals that can damage the skin

Body lotions contain a lot of artificial fragrances and colours as compared to moisturiser for the face. When applied, these chemicals can do a lot of damage to your skin and may even cause allergic reactions like irritation and redness.