We’re all guilty of sharing our skincare products with our friends and family—BFF comes home for a sleepover without her moisturiser, you hand her yours, your tub of lotion empties and you switch to your sister's. But, sharing is caring doesn't apply when it comes to skincare products.

Here are a few reasons why you should never share your skincare products with anyone. I repeat. ANYONE.


01. You risk contamination

You risk contamination

The biggest reason why skin experts advise against sharing beauty products is due to the risk of contamination. Several skincare products can get easily contaminated, especially those that come in tubs and jars (basically, products that need to be scooped out). Each time someone uses the product, they could be leaving behind bacteria and other impurities in the jar which later gets transferred onto the skin of the person who uses it next (YOU!). A lot of bacteria sit under the nail bed and can easily get transferred into the product when you scoop it out using your fingers.


02. Potent ingredients could damage your skin

Potent ingredients could damage your skin

There’s a reason why certain skincare products are sold only on doctor's prescription. Your dermat recommends these products based on the needs of YOUR skin. The potency of ingredients in these products can vary depending on your skin’s needs and hence, using products that are not prescribed for you can be quite harmful to your skin and often end up damaging it.


03. A product might not suit your skin

A product might not suit your skin

Whether it’s a simple body lotion or an antioxidant serum, products are formulated for different skin types. Using the wrong product can damage the skin’s protective barrier causing it to get greasy, too dry or breakout. Even if you have the same skin type, it’s best to first do a patch test to ensure it does not cause any problems.