5 reasons why your skin type has changed over the years

Written by Urvi DalalFeb 01, 2019

Have you been observing changes in your skin type over a course of time? Is your skin going from being dry and flake to oily and acne prone? Are these changes permanent or they going to subside with time and go back to its normal state? We wonder!

Yes, your skin type is genetic and it is something you are born with. But hormonal changes, climate changes or simply lifestyle changes impact your skin in a lot of ways, causing it to change its type. Let’s find out some of the most important reasons that could be causing the change in your skin type...


Ageing plays a very important role when it comes to changing skin type. When in our teens and 20s, your hormonal cycle works pretty well with your hormones pumping. This leads to an increased oil production. Ageing tends to decrease this production leading to drier and more irritated skin.

Climate or weather changes

If you have happened to move countries, your skin will also adapt to the change in the climate to keep the other organs safe. Different skin types react differently to this, sometimes with dry skin becoming drier and oily skin balancing itself out. Hence, climatic changes also tend to play major role in changing skin type.

Lifestyle changes

It is highly possible that your skin type changes over the years because of your own habits that you may have developed over the years. Drinking a lot of coffee without balancing it out with enough water causes the skin to dry. Over exfoliation strips your skin of all the good natural oils, prompting your skin to compensate this by producing more sebum, making your skin dry skin suddenly oily.


If you are some sort of a medication, it could have a major impact on your skin type. Certain types of medicines can create dry skin, while some medicines can actually make it oilier. But this could be a temporary condition, and you can speak to your doctor about this to find a work around.

Lack of nutrition

What you eat is what is what your skin becomes. Consuming a diet that is rich in sugar and junk makes your skin drier and lacklustre. Additionally, not drinking enough water is also another reason why your skin may have become drier over the years.