Dark spots—they might be a result of excess melanin or even acne scars. But what can be said without a doubt is that we all dread spots on our face. So it’s time to find out if you’re following the right skin care regime that will slowly help you banish these marks. If you’ve been asking yourself ‘how to remove dark spots?’ you should know that getting rid of them isn’t a day’s work; your skin deserves ample attention and care to free itself from dark spots. Wondering what we’re talking about? Here’s what you need to include in your skin care routine to remove dark spots...


Know your base

Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream

When it comes to skin care, even the makeup you use on your skin is crucial. This means if you do have skin with dark spots or blemishes, you need to ensure that your base is treating your skin along with covering it. What you need is an effective BB cream that hydrates, treats and covers your skin. We suggest relying on the Pond’s White Beauty BB+ Cream that lends you fairness and acts as a sheer foundation. Moreover, it protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays while constantly lightening dark spots.


Rely on an anti marks agent

Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Treatment

If you want the answer to ‘how to remove dark spots’, know that you need a product that is specifically targeted towards the problem—much like a topical treatment for your dark spots. That being the case, what’s the one-stop solution to dark spots? The Fair & Lovely Anti Marks Treatment that targets dark spots and works like laser treatment and penetrates 3 layers deep to work on the marks from the roots. Moreover, its triple sunscreens offer sun protection and prevent the recurrence of marks.


Swear by SPF

Swear by SPF

You should know that UV rays could actually cause your dark spots to turn darker. This is when you tan and pesky spots start appearing on the skin. Worse, if you don’t keep your skin armed with SPF at all times, there is a chance of the spots reoccurring. So make sure you use a broad spectrum SPF irrespective of the weather.


Go for naturals

Lighten Your Dark Spots

While topical treatments work well for dark spots, you can also reach out for something natural in your kitchen to treat your spots. We suggest preparing a face pack with lemon and honey. The citric acid in lemon acts as a bleaching agent and lightens your marks while honey will ensure that your skin doesn’t turn dry. Squeeze half a lemon into a bowl and then add one tablespoon honey to it. Mix it and apply evenly all over your skin including your neck. Using this face pack twice a week will help lighten your dark spots.


Do not pick your skin

Do not pick your skin

Don’t be a zit zapper. There’s nothing worse you can do to your skin. While you treat your dark spots, you need to ensure that you’re also preventing your skin from getting scarred further. So no matter how desperate you feel, make sure you don’t pop your pimple. In fact, we suggest keeping your hands off your face at all times.