5 Common Retinol Myths: Busted

Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
5 common retinol myths: Busted

Every skincare enthusiast is familiar with the collagen-boosting, anti-ageing skincare hero, retinol. Much has been talked about this ingredient in the beauty community and while some of the chatter is helpful, a lot of them have generated myths about it. So, get ready for some beauty knowledge ‘cause we are busting those myths right here!


Myth #01: It’s not suitable to wear retinol during the day

Myth #05: Don’t use retinol around your eyes

Many women believe that owing to its potent nature, using retinol during the day will make their skin more prone to sun damage — so not true. Plus, there is no scientific evidence that proves wearing retinol during the day can increase the risk of sunburn. The only reason why it’s recommended to use retinol at night is because they are photo-unstable, which means they break down in sunlight and become less effective.


Myth #02: All retinoids are the same

Myth #05: Don’t use retinol around your eyes

There’s a huge misconception that all retinoids are the same. But that’s far from the truth. Retinoids are a huge family of compounds derived from (or chemically related to) vitamin A and come in many forms ranging from mild to extreme. For instance, retinol itself is a gentler derivative as compared to something like retinoic acid. The difference in retinoids can also be seen in skincare products, where formulas with Retin-A require a prescription while the mild ones like retinyl palmitate can be found in your standard anti-ageing skincare products. So, do your research!


Myth #03: Retinol can show instant results

Myth #05: Don’t use retinol around your eyes

A common misconception about active ingredients is that they can show instant results. But that’s not the case with retinol. According to dermatologists, it can take anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks for your retinol treatment to show results. Remember: Patience is a virtue when it comes to using retinol.


Myth #04: You should stop using retinol if it irritates your skin

Myth #05: Don’t use retinol around your eyes

It might seem like a good option to stop your retinol treatment if it’s irritating and restarting it again, but that can do more harm than good. We say push through! Retinol is a potent ingredient and initial uses can make your skin appear red, dry and flaky. But, it is all part of the process. Keep using your retinol (in small quantities) until your skin gets used to it. It takes about two to three weeks for that to happen.


Myth #05: Don’t use retinol around your eyes

Myth #05: Don’t use retinol around your eyes

We call BS on this one. Your eye area is the first to display premature signs of ageing. Using retinol around your eye area helps stimulate collagen production and can help banish fine lines and wrinkles. When used regularly, it will also firm and smoothen out the skin around your eye area.

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