We At Team Bb Are Done Tolerating Everyday Sexism And Offensive Remarks…

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
We at Team BB are done tolerating everyday sexism and offensive remarks…

Are you in a bad mood or just PMSing? Are you wearing that red lipstick to work? Aren’t you a little overdressed for work? Come on, you could really smile more! Aaarrrgghh… Aren’t you tired of everyday sexism and casual offensive remarks like these?

Well, we know we are. Sisters, it’s time to put an end to such remarks, be it from colleagues, friends or relatives. No one, yes, no one has the right to tell you how to feel about yourself, or how to feel in general, no one needs to tell you what to wear or how to behave. If you want to wear sneakers over a saree, you go ahead do it! Don’t care about losing weight? Then don’t bother fitting in the conventional size! Want to match your manicure with your eyeliner? Go ahead experiment! Remember ladies, no one should be able to make you feel inferior for your choices.

To remind you ladies that you have the right to choose whatever you want for yourself, and to remind the other gender that we don’t appreciate being commented on; we at team BB decided to (for once and for all) voice our dismay and opinion on everyday sexist remarks that we as women are just tired of listening.

Here is what team BB has to say...

team bb girly gang sexism womens day

Here are some of the most common sexist remarks people make without realizing how insensitive they are being..

“Isn’t that lipstick too bright for your skin tone?”

There’s nothing more satisfying than being comfortable in your own skin. Embrace your skin colour ladies and effortlessly flaunt the shade you have your heart on. Love a bright pink or red? Add some more and attack!

team bb girly gang sexism womens day

“Why do you wear so much makeup to work? Who are you trying to impress?”

If wearing makeup gives you a boost of self-confidence, then go ahead and enhance those gorgeous features. If you feel good by not wearing any makeup, then just go without it. Your choice is yours to make ladies!

team bb girly gang sexism womens day

“These bright type of colours don’t suit women your age”

Excuse me! What does colour have to do with age? If you love yellow, then fill your wardrobe with this sunshine colour without batting an eyelid. No matter what your age, if yellow makes you happy, then don’t let anybody pull you down.

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