Dark underarms can get quite embarrassing and cause some hindrance to your wardrobe choices. So if you’re worried about your underarms getting dark, there are few measures you can take immediately to avoid it from getting worse. Begin with not shaving your underarms and start waxing them instead. Here are few natural home remedies you can also rely on…

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Lemon is a natural bleach and effective in removing issues related to dark skin. In addition, it also has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties which help to exfoliate dead skin and lighten it considerably. Just rub a slice of lemon to your underarms before taking a shower.

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Another vegetable, which is an amazing bleaching agent is the humble potato; it is especially preferable for people with sensitive skin as lemon might cause a bit of irritation.

How to use it: Slice a potato and rub it onto your dark underarms to get rid of the darkened area.

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White baking soda is also very effective in clearing dark underarms. Moreover, it will also act as an antiperspirant and is recommended to prevent body odour (a double whammy). With the use of baking soda you can avoid using deodorants and antiperspirants all together as these products tend to cause dark underarms.

How to use it: Take some baking soda and water, mix it till it becomes a thick paste and apply it on our underarms. Gently scrub for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

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Saffron is another easy to find ingredient, which is possibly on the expensive side, but the results from the use of saffron are great. It not only gives you clear skin but also leaves a pleasant odour and helps to fight germs.

How to use it: Take a few strands of saffron, mix it with milk and apply to your underarms overnight.

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Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E, which has properties that fight body odour and skin problems.

How to use it:
It can be used effectively to fight dark underarms by applying a little bit of it onto your skin before you shower.  Try using organic natural coconut for maximum benefits.

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