Natural ingredients are good news for your skin! They are free of chemicals, easily available and don’t cost a bomb. Here’s one such ingredient that promises to work like magic on your skin. We are talking about colloidal oatmeal!

Not your run-of-the-mill oats, colloidal oatmeal is ground oatmeal which is boiled down to produce an extract. This extract is then used in various skin care products such as creams, moisturisers and lotions. Loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and lipids, colloidal oatmeal makes for a great skincare ingredient to nourish and protect the skin.

Here are 5 skin benefits of colloidal oatmeal.

skin benefits of colloidal oatmeal

#01: Calms redness and irritation

Packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, colloidal oatmeal is your answer for itchy, irritated skin. If your skin is sensitive to heat and you are often left with rashes or red patches after exposing your skin to the sun, then a colloidal oatmeal bath can actually do wonders in calming your skin.

#02: Protects skin from environmental aggressors

Your skin undergoes a lot of trauma all throughout the day. Over-exposure to the sun and environmental aggressors such as pollution, dust, grime as well as oil buildup can wreak havoc on your skin. You therefore need a barrier between the skin and environment so as to keep your skin game going strong. That’s when colloidal oatmeal comes to the rescue. It prevents the skin from stripping away natural emollients and protectants as well as strengthens the skin’s barrier function.

skin benefits of colloidal oatmeal

#03: Cleanses skin

Cleansing your skin with the right ingredients is of utmost importance. You don’t want drying ingredients sapping the moisture out of your skin and leaving it dull and dry, do you? Colloidal oatmeal can be a great skincare ingredient for thoroughly cleansing your skin. It is loaded with saponin which has cleansing properties that’ll help wash away impurities as well as other contaminants that accumulate on the surface of your skin. All of this without leaving your skin dehydrated.

skin benefits of colloidal oatmeal

#04: Acts as a moisturiser for dry skin

Dry-skinned beauties, here’s a natural ingredient your skin is going to love. We’re talking about colloidal oatmeal. Packed with lipids, proteins, phenols, starches and anti-inflammatory vitamin E, colloidal oatmeal is the answer to all your dry skin woes. Its moisturising qualities makes this ingredient a number one dry skin remedy. If you want to try the benefits of this miracle ingredient, then we suggest you get your hands on the Vaseline Itch Relief Skin Protectant Cream which is infused with colloidal oatmeal extracts.

skin benefits of colloidal oatmeal

#05: Suitable for all skin types

The best part about this kitchen ingredient is that it is suitable for all skin types. Whether you have dry skin or oily skin, colloidal oatmeal works well to improve the health of your skin. And do you know what’s even better? It is a great ingredient for sensitive skin too. It helps treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.