Gone are the days of botox treatments and going under the knife to get celebrity-like skin. Here’s a millennial-esque way of achieving the skin of your dreams—needle-free and product-less. Yes, the treatment we are talking about is super simple, yet extremely effective. It gives an instant facelift and your best skin ever. Can’t guess what we’re talking about? Here’s a hint: this skin treatment involves the use of a stone-like blunt tool. It’s called Gua Sha!

Can you believe it? You don’t need a shelf loaded with skincare products to achieve gorgeous skin. All you need is this little miracle tool that can do wonders in taking your skin game a notch higher. Did you know that Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that is only getting it’s due now? From banishing dark circles, puffiness and pigmentation to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Gua Sha is your absolute saviour!


Benefits of using Gua Sha

Benefits of using Gua Sha

#01: Helps improve acne

If you have acne-prone skin, then Gua Sha can help improve your skin condition. How, you ask? When you go over with the Gua Sha along the energy lines on your face, it works to remove toxins from your lymphatic system. This, in turn, promotes a healthy glow.

#02: Treats areas of pigmentation

Poor diet, lack of sleep and overproduction of melanin can be some of the causes of dark circles under your eyes. You’ll be happy to know that Gua Sha can reduce the puffiness, as well as, reduce pigmentation if used regularly. 

#03: Gives a facelift

Is it a botox? Is it a facial? Well, it’s just the magic of Gua Sha! If you step out of the house right after Gua Sha, then be ready for all the compliments that are to follow. Gua Sha gives a facial-like facelift and one can never tell that such a small tool could do wonders. You’ll notice how your face looks significantly lifted and contoured without the help of any products.


How to use Gua Sha:

How to use Gua Sha:

Step 01: Before you go in with the Gua Sha practice, cleanse your face well using a hydrating cleanser and follow it up with a serum or facial oil. This will make the stone move smoothly over your skin

Step 02: Go over with the stone on your neck using gentle, upward strokes. Doing so will release the tension from your neck and bring more energy up to your face

Step 03: Now move over to your face. Start at your jaw and work outward and downward. You don’t want skin congestion or tension in the centre of your face. Focus on your forehead, lids and under-eyes to see a visible lift.