When it comes to our skin, we’re always glad to get expert advice. So meeting Dr. Shuliang Zhang was like manna from heaven for us. Skin specialist Dr. Zhang is the Sr. Principal Scientist and Global Clinical Leader for Skincare at Unilever so we instantly knew we were in good hands. We were thrilled we got a chance to talk shop with him about preventive skin care along with a few skin care tips thrown in there as well.

skin care tips from skin specialist dr zhang

BeBeautiful – At what age should a woman begin to follow a skincare routine?

Dr. Shuliang Zhang – Besides genetics, there are many factors that influence the skin like the type of lifestyle and environment, so it varies. But in general, one’s late teens are ideal to think about skin care. Especially for heavy makeup users, moisturising is key. Just don’t wait until the signs of ageing begin!

BB – How is the approach to skin care different for women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s?

SZ – A woman’s skin contains a certain amount of moisture, which reduces as she ages. For women in their 20’s and 30’s, fine lines and dark spots crop up. In the 40’s when a woman goes through menopause, it affects her skin greatly. That’s why Pond’s has skin care ranges to target the skin concern of each age group effectively.

BB – How important is SPF for one’s skin?

SZ – If you go into the sun often, SPF is surely required. UV Rays and visible light can accelerate ageing and add spots to your face. Especially for Asians, tanning occurs first, followed by dark spots from an appearance point of view! Including SPF will help to prevent that.

skin care tips for women

BB – How is an Indian women’s skin different from women all over the world? And how does the way they care for it differ?

SZ – To begin with, Indian skin has a particular skin tone and unevenness is one of the first signs of ageing that show up. Generally, Indian woman focus on treating these signs rather than start ahead and prevent it, which is something they need to pay attention to.

BB – What precautionary measures should one take to prevent ageing?

SZ – Besides SPF being used, hydration must be maintained to combat the ageing process. Whether it is the cold climate that has little moisture or hot summer which dries out the skin, hydrating your skin is always needed. There’s a lot of misinformation out these; so for the right direction, the Pond’s Institute website is always available with sound advice.

skin care routine

BB – What dietary and lifestyle measures affect one’s skin as well?

SZ – You’ve probably heard it all before – eat well, exercise often etcetera. The bottom line to live by is to lead a healthy, balanced life.

BB – In your opinion, what is a complete skin no-no?

SZ – I would say not seeing a doctor when you have a skin issue because the right treatment is crucial at the right time. Also, using ingredients that are not shown to be efficacious – that’s definitely avoidable!

BB – What’s one skin care tip that we can take with us?

SZ – My advice for both men and women is, keep it simple – stay moisturised, avoid the sun and don’t leave makeup on.