Foolproof Tips To Reduce Underarm Darkening, Just In Time For The Swimsuit Season

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Foolproof tips to reduce underarm darkening, just in time for the swimsuit season

Summer is almost here and after months of dressing in layers, you can finally slip into summer dresses and wear them sleeveless outfits! But is the thought of armpit shadow (dark underarms that is) keeping you from getting into the summer mood? We thought as much! Dark underarms can be embarrassing and can keep you from flaunting strappy dresses and swimsuits. But ladies, it doesn’t always have to be like that.  

We have here some useful tips, that will help you reduce underarm darkening just in time for summers. Read on...


Scrub the pigmentation away

Roll-on deodorants are your new BFFs

Ever wondered what causes dark underarms? The dead skin cells, sweat and dirt accumulate on skin which causes pigmentation. Exfoliate with a gentle scrub like St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub thrice a week for reducing the pigmentation.


Keep ‘em clean

Roll-on deodorants are your new BFFs

Besides exfoliating, keeping your armpits clean and fresh on a daily basis can help avoid sweat and dirt build-up. Shower regularly; wear loose fitted clothes and carry wipes if you tend to sweat a lot.


Stop shaving

Roll-on deodorants are your new BFFs

One of the main causes of dark underarms is shaving. It leaves a stubble of hair behind, which makes your underarms appear darker. Go for waxing instead. It removes the hair straight from the roots and helps you get rid of dirt and grim as well.


Use the right Deodorant

Roll-on deodorants are your new BFFs

The deodorant or perfume you’re using could be the reason of your dark underarms too. Harsh deodorants can have an adverse reaction on your skin cells that produce melanin. Get your hands on the safe and alcohol-free Rexona Women Advanced Whitening Deodorant that helps whiten the underarms too.


Try DIY remedies

Roll-on deodorants are your new BFFs

Potato juice, tomato juice and lemon juice are excellent skin lightening agents. Rub a slice onto the armpits and rinse after 10 minutes to reduce discolouration.


Roll-on deodorants are your new BFFs

Roll-on deodorants are your new BFFs

Sweat, grime and germs; all lead to body odour and all that eventually leads to dirty and dark underarms. We suggest you use a roll-on deodorant as it acts on underarm sweat, where bacteria thrive to keep you smelling clean and protected from odour all day! Rexona Aloe Vera Underarm Odour Protection Roll On is a personal favourite.

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