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Written by Fleur Xavier and Nethra RaghuramanJan 18, 2017
The one thing everyone would love to have is the power to stop ageing and to look young always. Every time we see someone who seems to age slower than their peers, we are left wondering what their beauty secret is or what beauty tips can you pick up from them. Here are six tips you can follow to get younger, healthier looking skin, because the healthier your skin is, the younger you look!
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Care for your neck, hands and knees

Everyone spends hours applying face packs, scrubs and creams on their faces, but a lot of people skip the delicate skin of the neck as well as their hands and knees! One of the first places to show age is the neck. Following closely are the hands and knees. So remember to moisturise well, exfoliate and indulge these three parts of your body along with your face.

Be smart about your makeup

Make friends with your makeup and use it to hide your age and not to age you further!

  • Go easy on the powder, because powder can get lodged in the lines under your eyes and make lines more prominent.
  • Use bronzer sparingly to reflect light and give the appearance of glowing skin. Don't overdo it because it will have an adverse effect and make you look like you tripped and fell into a fake tan booth.
  • Be aware of the lip colours you use. Add a touch of gloss to the center of your lips to give it that added pout. Don’t use matt lipsticks since they make your lips look drier. Opt for the more natural, fresh, slightly sun-kissed look in the daytime, which can work wonders for you.
Boost your intake of Omega 3

Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids can help slow down the ageing process and give your skin a healthy glow. So start heaping a couple of spoons of either flaxseeds or flaxseed meal in your daily food. If you are a non vegetarian then there are tons of options in fish and certain other meats that are high in Omega 3.

Indulge in protein

Protein is not only for body builders but also very important in collagen production, skin appearance, cell turnover and more. So make sure to get your protein quota every day from beans, pulses, fish, dairy, eggs and nuts and not from protein supplements.

Remember to have your vitamin C and antioxidants

Vitamin C boosts the production of collagen giving your skin a youthful appearance. Antioxidants are your best friend against free radical cell damage. So eat your fruits like oranges, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries and plums and also veggies like bell peppers and sweet potatoes amongst others!

Don’t cut out the oils

Don't cut out oils in your food in the name of calories. Your body needs a certain amount of fats to stay well oiled and the cells need the oils to stay healthy. But only sparing amounts of the right stuff please. Indulge your salads with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, eat a little bit of butter with your toast, add a touch of homemade ghee to your parathas and your body (and skin) will thank you in the long run. (Remember, the operative word here is ‘moderation’). Do not go overboard with this, because the next thing you know is you will be suffering from clogged arteries!

Here’s to younger looking skin that glows with good health!


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