Your feet carry your weight (sometimes in super uncomfortable shoes) day in and day out. That itself merits extra love for your feet. Not to forget, pretty feet are extremely appealing, make you feel prettier and are also a big giveaway about you and your habits. So let’s pamper and dress up your feet to add that extra oomph to your appeal.
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Treat your feet to massages
It’s very important to pay attention to your feet. If you feel any pain or discomfort, don’t just ignore it, but instead treat your feet to a good foot massage- especially foot reflexology. There is nothing more relaxing than getting a good pressure point massage that can relieve your aching feet of its knots. There are several options of massage parlors and massages available, but do make sure to get one that pays enough attention to the soles of your feet.

LRT Tip: A quick trick to relaxing your feet is to soak them in warm water (add 2 spoons of table salt in it) for 20 min. 

Don’t forget the pedicures
Pedicures are very important to looking groomed. If you don’t fancy going to a salon to get a pedicure, no worries—give yourself a pedicure at home! Just make sure your nails are clipped right and you get rid of the dead skin on your feet. 

LRT Tip: A quick trick is to spend one minute when you take a shower to scrub your soles with a foot scrubber and brush your nails with a nailbrush. That one minute will go a long way to keeping your feet looking groomed. And don’t forget feet when you moisturize after a shower.

Invest in comfortable shoes/heels
You may love the sight of some heels, but if they hurt your feet to another degree, then don’t buy them. As women, we do understand that a little bit of pain is acceptable against good-looking shoes/heels. But only a little bit. J Closed, pointy heels that clamp your toes and cut off circulation can give rise to fungal infections, ingrown toe nails and other issues. Similarly back and posture problems can occur with uncomfortably high heels. Be attuned to your needs and your feet and if required, invest in expensive shoes that not only look good but mainly, they don’t hurt. 

Dress up your nails
Buy a few dark and light nail colors that suit your feet and skin tone and dress up your nails before wearing open toed heels/flats. Choose to paint your toes in colors that are with the seasons or your outfits or the color of your footwear or stick to your favourite colors, but do paint your toes. 

LRT Tip: Few things to remember is to clean chipped nail polish immediately. If using a dark nail polish, then start with a transparent base coat to protect your nails from staining. Keep a gap between two coats of polish to allow the first coat to dry. Finish off with a top coat. Every 3-4 days, if you apply another top coat or a coat of color followed by a top coat, it keeps the nails looking fresh. And once a week or 10 days, clean off the old polish, let your nails breathe and then redo your nails again.
Indulge your feet and go out there and charm the world! Stay pretty!


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